Workshop: How to prepare for the Postpartum Period
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Holistic Sleep Consultant
With focus on the emotional well-being of the child and the family in general, the holistic SC assesses the physical, emotional, social, developmental and environmental factors that can affect sleep.
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Postpartum period
We, from Motherly Hug, always think of the postpartum period as a whirlwind. A whirlwind that happens physically and emotionally; in the body and in the soul.
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Both as a sleep consultant and a postpartum doula, I’ll do everything possible to promote your family’s well-being through gentle and respectful ways. See our services and packages!
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Dulce is one wise lady. She is part of that special kind that any of us mothers would be lucky to have as a support person at any moment of our pregnancy or postnatal period. This strong, intelligent and loving lady will naturally talk to you and support you with whatever you need during your postnatal experience. Being a postpartum doula, Dulce gathers great expertise in both female and baby universes. I was impressed with her scientific knowledge about how babies sleep. Being sleep deprived, I met her in a time of great need and oh dear was she a huge helping hand with Tom's sleep!Clarissa MattosPhotographer and mother of one, Wellington/NZ
As much as I thought I had applied everything regarding sleep hygiene that I saw on the internet, there were details that I didn't know, and these details made the difference. The whole process was very human and kind, starting with the initial interview, which was very welcoming and warm. Dulce has a deep empathy that made all the difference for me to feel more empowered in my motherhood as a whole. My baby is now more willing, active and happy in her sleep! Amanda PadilhaMother of one, Canoas/Brazil
Dulce is the consultant who delves deeply into what is happening and, with experience and sensitivity, outlines a plan to achieve not her objective, but ours. With tranquility and an injection of enthusiasm, parents are encouraged to celebrate the victories and continue achieving step by step. At the end of the consultation, the night of the parents of twins is much better than before. We can now walk with our own legs, with confidence.Marcos SouzaMusician and father of two, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
The beauty of Dulce’s approach is that she is with you for a long period, meaning that she gets to know your family and can adapt the plan to the way you and your child react to things. If something doesn’t work, she changes it and offers a different approach. Dulce focussed a lot on my well-being, which turned out to be absolutely key to getting my son to sleep better. It was wonderful to have someone who wanted to take care of me and to help us through a difficult time. With everyone in our household getting some proper sleep, we are so much happier as a family. Elena d'EonMother of one, Wellington/NZ
Dulce’s approach is so gentle and kind. She proved to me that it is possible for parents to help children sleep through the night without breaking their spirit or rejecting their emotional needs. Dulce respected our parenting philosophy from the outset and her approach was genuinely collaborative. Her ideas were creative, effective and age appropriate. We definitely wouldn’t have achieved our goals without Dulce’s ongoing support. Laura Mother of one, Wellington/NZ
For me it was really good to have someone to whom I could trust my thoughts, fears and doubts. And it was very natural to talk to you about certain things, Du. Things that I considered a taboo. Thanks so much for your wisdom, for listening, and for the sweet encouraging words, always emphasizing the good things I was doing. I respect a lot your work as a postpartum doula, the way you never judge and the way you bring up the importance of the woman I am, not only the mother in me in this wonderful and infinite period of learning and discoveries of motherhood. At the end of each talk we had I felt better, a more confident woman and therefore a better mum.  Giane TellesInterior designer and mother of one, London/England

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