Workshop: How to prepare for the Postnatal Period
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Postnatal doula
Postnatal doulas are experienced women who accompany, guide and support both physically and emotionally the mother who has just given birth.
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Postnatal period
We, from Motherly Hug, always think of the postnatal period as a whirlwind. A whirlwind that happens physically and emotionally; in the body and in the soul.
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As a postnatal doula, I’ll do everything possible to promote your well-being in the first weeks after giving birth. See ours services and packages!
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Dulce is one wise lady. She is part of that special kind that any of us mothers would be lucky to have as a support person at any moment of our pregnancy or postnatal period. This strong, intelligent and loving lady will naturally talk to you and support you with whatever you need during your postnatal experience. Being a postpartum doula, Dulce gathers great expertise in both female and baby universes. I was impressed with her scientific knowledge about how babies sleep. Being sleep deprived, I met her in a time of great need and oh dear was she a huge helping hand with Tom's sleep!Clarissa MattosPhotographer and mother of one, Wellington/NZ
Even from our first session, I was greeted with such openness and warmth by Dulce. There was a level of care and understanding that made me feel so comfortable and confident within myself and gave me the strength to persist on my own.Zoe HadlumEvents Coordinator and mother of one, Wellington/NZ
I don’t usually like asking for help but I am so pleased that I got in touch with Dulce to help me in the postnatal period. I looked forward to when she would come around and after each visit I would feel calmer and more positive. Dulce was professional but also very empathetic and was able to read the situation well and respond to what I needed.Sierra RylandLawyer and mother of one, Wellington/NZ
When my husband went back to work, Dulce came to visit me twice a week and was soooo supportive, caring and confident in my ability to succeed at breastfeeding for the first time and establish a routine that helped my newborn daughter feel secure as well as help me get my confidence back, feel less overwhelmed and take care of myself. Dulce has helped me achieve a postnatal period happier and so fuss free, more than I ever thought possible.Em WhiteMother of two, Wellington/NZ
I’d like to thank the love and support I had from the postnatal doula Dulce! The postnatal period is a crazy journey: a joyful tiredness, the admiration for the new life that grows in your heart, getting lost in yourself. Dulce was in my house just before my baby was 15 days old, and she was a discreet presence with an attentive look that made the difference! Even being my second child!Olga KriegerEditor and mother of two, Curitiba-PR/Brazil
For me it was really good to have someone to whom I could trust my thoughts, fears and doubts. And it was very natural to talk to you about certain things, Du. Things that I considered a taboo. Thanks so much for your wisdom, for listening, and for the sweet encouraging words, always emphasizing the good things I was doing. I respect a lot your work as a postpartum doula, the way you never judge and the way you bring up the importance of the woman I am, not only the mother in me in this wonderful and infinite period of learning and discoveries of motherhood. At the end of each talk we had I felt better, a more confident woman and therefore a better mum.  Giane TellesInterior designer and mother of one, London/England

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