Dulce Piacentini

I’m from Florianópolis – Brazil, I have two children (Caio, 9 years old, and Isadora, 7 years old), and today I work as a postpartum doula and as a holistic sleep consultant.

My involvement with maternity matters began, as it is often the case, with motherhood. It was when I was pregnant with my first child, at the time also living in Wellington/New Zealand, that I began to study pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period! I simply love to research, read and write about these subjects.

My taste for research comes from afar. I graduated in Law, and my inclination has always been for the area of ​​human rights. My undergraduate thesis dealt with human rights in their international aspect, and then I took a postgraduate course in Spain, where I learned more about the issue of cultural diversity in relation to human rights, a possible “dialogue” among cultures. The matter of women’s and children’s rights always moved me and I could bring them together in my master’s research, which culminated in the publication of the book “Human Rights and Interculturalism – Analysis of the Cultural Practice of Female Genital Mutilation.”

My postpartum period was quite remarkable. And from the first time I went through it, I felt the call to doing something for new mothers so that the crossing of this phase can happen more lightly for them. But it was only in my second postpartum period, spent in Brazil, where I lived from 2013-2016, that I could really see the way to do it. In 2014 and 2015 I took doula courses, as well as a lactation facilitator and childbirth education course, and from there I’ve never stopped studying.

Through my work as a postpartum doula and being a mum myself, it called my attention how much sleep (or the lack of it) really affects the family life, interfering not only in the health of the family members, but in their relationship, in how the mothers enjoy (or not) motherhood, even in the parents’ connection with their children. So I decided to become a sleep consultant, but not the kind that we find most commonly in the market. I looked for a course that would focus on the family as a whole – with their preferences, dynamics, life style – and especially on their wellbeing. So I became a Holistic Sleep Consultant, and I believe that a healthy sleep is in the reach of every family, without the need to resort to cry-it-out methods, but with respectful communication, science and support.

Today, as a doula, a sleep consultant and an educator, I feel that I am finally putting into practice the banner of the rights of women and children that I have always defended. Now I go beyond the law area, a sometimes very theoretical field, and I see that I can indeed make a difference in the lives of women. With information and support, primary objectives of Motherly Hug, we will achieve the emancipation, the protagonism and the empowerment that mothers deserve. We are just in the beginning!