When a baby is born, a MOTHER is also born! Everyone has heard this saying, but in daily life not many people seem to remember it.

After birth, the mother finds herself immersed in a really different world, a new and sometimes scary one! We say goodbye to free time, to good night’s sleep, to hot coffee, to go out with friends, to long conversations, to slow baths, to Netflix series… Sometimes we lose confidence, self-esteem, and identity!

Baby needs love, attention, and full-time care, but MOTHER also needs it all! One day, someone said that asking for help was a sign of weakness and that having a support network was a luxury! Don’t fall for this trap! ❌❌ Recognizing that you need help and having the courage to ask for it is actually a sign of strength! Of your strength!

So forget once and for all the pointed fingers, the others’ guesses, and the judgments. The mother is a human being who is imperfect like all the others! But be sure of one thing: for your child, you already are the BEST mother in the world and he/she loves you just like that, just the way you are!

Every tear deserves to be comforted, including yours! ❤ Our children are like mirrors that reflect our image… You can make everything possible to do your best, but if you’re not well, your child won’t be either!

In the process of our holistic sleep consultancy, we recognize the importance of your physical and emotional well-being as much as your child’s! After all, a happy and satisfied mother raises happy and satisfied children!

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