Feel confident and happy with your newborn at postpartum!

Motherly Hug now offers a personalised antenatal class in the comfort of your home.

In this 3-hour session we’ll talk about why postpartum is so intense and what you can do while pregnant so that you have the knowledge, space and energy to deal with the challenges that come with the arrival of a baby. We’ll also talk about newborn babies (their development and your options on how to care for them), and you will be able to practice with your baby’s own stuff, in your own house, based on the choices you make. We go beyond what antenatal courses usually approach in regards to all things postpartum.

You can invite people from your support network (your parents or in-laws, or best friends) to the class too! So you will all be aligned and aware!

I guarantee that after taking Motherly Hug’s personalised antenatal class, you will feel a lot more confident when time comes and you have to do things for real!

Here is a list of topics we can approach in our session depending on your situation and interests:

  • what postpartum is and its characteristics
  • how to prepare the house
  • how to find your support network
  • how to deal with visitors
  • professionals that may be needed
  • the role of the partner
  • older siblings
  • pets and baby
  • when and how to bathe a newborn
  • changing nappies (disposable and/or reusable)
  • dressing a newborn
  • basics of breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding
  • several ways to soothe a newborn baby
  • newborn sleep (science, safety, expectations, and the optimal conditions for a healthy sleep)
  • babywearing (slings and carriers)
  • baby massage
  • baby’s development in the first couple of months

This is a very useful and even fun session, done in a very relaxed atmosphere, that will make a difference in your postpartum journey!

This is also an excellent present to give to your pregnant friend (we do gift cards)!

Price: NZ$ 125

dulce@motherlyhug.com / 0220210765