Are you exhausted and need to see improvements in your child’s sleep? The Sleep Consultant does not judge you, she welcomes and accepts you!

Would you like to have help in your child’s sleep but don’t want to give up bedsharing? The Holistic Sleep Consultant respects your choices!

Do you and your baby spend the day grumpy, and the idea of being an incapable mum has crossed your thoughts or tightened your heart? The consultant helps you improve naps and night time sleep, but more than that, she helps you feel more confident so that the connection with your child is always strengthened!

You may have chosen the Montessori bed or the cot, breastfeeding your 3-year-old child or bottle feeding from the very beginning, night weaning (with the consent of your doctor), give your baby a pacifier… the choices are always yours and a Holistic Sleep Consultant will welcome you and guide you to put your choices into practice in a safe and respectful way!

After all, sleep consultancy focuses on what is important to your family, regardless of the philosophy of raising children you practice in your home. Guided by science, a Holistic Sleep Consultant works in an integrated way, supporting families in establishing optimal conditions for a healthy sleep!

Always based on acceptance, never on judgment!

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