I’ve become a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator!

Positive Discipline is a beautiful philosophy for raising children, with practical tools that are respectful and encouraging to teach life skills, and that do not resort to any shame, blame or pain (physical or emotional), nor rewards or punishments.

My motivation

My initial motivation was my relationship with my daughter. I have a 9yo boy and a 7yo girl. I obviously love them both to the moon and back, but Isadora has been more challenging to me as a parent (I attribute it to her temperament, which is amazing and I’m sure her determination and independence are going to take her far in her life, but truth is it’s more challenging to raise such human beings! I’m sure many of you know exactly what I’m talking about!).

Positive Discipline is quite well known in Brazil (where I’m from) and everything I knew from my readings I’d been trying to apply in my parenting journey. But there were times when what I knew was not enough and I caught myself resorting to threat and punishment: “If you don’t stop this behaviour now, you will have less screen time tomorrow!”

I felt really bad and started questioning myself. I knew I could do better. I knew this kind of misbehaviour from MY part (yes, that was me totally misbehaving) wasn’t teaching my daughter anything. So I decided I needed a course on Positive Discipline for me to have more options on how to raise my children in a respectful, encouraging way, one that had more to do with my own beliefs and values.

New concepts and tools

That was when I found out I could learn the Positive Discipline concepts and tools and become a Parent Educator at the same time, and therefore be able to help other parents in their parenting journey!

Come with me, become the best parent you can be and create an atmosphere of respect and dignity in your house that will change your life and your children’s!