Motherly Hug Postpartum Support Circle is a bit different from the Coffee Mornings we have in Wellington. In our monthly meetups we’ll meet mums and babies, we’ll have time for informal conversations and to make new friends. But we will also have time to sit in a circle and talk about several postpartum subjects (each circle will have a theme), you’ll be able to share your experience if you want to, or just listen to the talks, which is already of great help depending on what you’re going through in your postnatal period. It will be a warm and safe environment, where you’re going to feel welcome and comfortable to share the beauties and challenges of the postnatal period!

Our Postpartum Support Circles will happen every second Wednesday of the month at the “Lounge” (first room to the right as you come in) at Southern Cross Bar and Restaurant, in Wellington/NZ.

It’s a free event! All mums with babies up to 12 months old welcome!

10:30 – Come in, buy your coffee/tea if you want to, have a sit and make yourself comfortable!

11:00 – 45 minutes to 1 hour of the Support Circle, facilitated by the postnatal doula Dulce Piacentini, who will talk about the theme of the day and give you tips and tools to go through the challenges.

11:45 – Stay around, exchange phone numbers with your new friends, talk to the doula if you want to, resume conversations that started previously!

12:00 – time to go (you can stay and have lunch though)! Be aware of how you feel after our meetup. I bet you’ll be more satisfied with your own ways of being a mum, as well as feeling you have more choices on how to deal with your challenges!

More info: click here to go the event page on Facebook!

Our Circles have been wonderful and are making a positive difference for mums. Check out below what they are saying about it!

“Such a great group, thanks so much for organising and all the great info.”
Stasia Jackson

“I love these mornings… nothing like the comfort of other mums going through the same things to warm your winter mornings! I always walk away feeling confident and happier.”
Georgie Manning

“Every mother should have access to a support circle like this. I found it reassuring and had my heart at peace after talking to other mums going through similar situations. Having the chance to share your feelings without judgement and see you’re not alone – “me too” is a powerful thing! Dulce is a great mediator and brings important themes to the table. It would be great if we carried this practice on for life.”
Cris Campos

“The postnatal circle, organised by Dulce with so much love and care, has been a great opportunity to share our experiences and meet new moms. It’s a safe environment where we can talk about maternity, what we have been doing, thinking and feeling. Nobody is there to judge you, it is kind of the opposite, Dulce and the other moms will try to help you, if you want to. Hearing different stories and ways to deal with parenting situations inspires you to keep doing and trying your best. Thank you, Dulce, for creating that fantastic opportunity for us and for all your support.”
Vanessa Riso
“Thank you so much for organising it! It’s so great to share with other mums! You give us this opportunity and a lot of great inputs and help! It’s just awesome.”
Loretta Diana

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