SLEEP is a physiological NEED for the human being, especially for infants and children, who are going through an important phase of growth and development!

Some people believe that one should not interfere with a child’s sleep because “one day they will start to sleep better”… It is true that many children begin to sleep better over time, but some children do need help to get to a healthy sleep. And the physical and emotional well-being of the parents is also paramount.

Sleep deprivation affects not only the child but the whole family. After all, OVERTIRED PARENTS are at greater risk of developing postnatal disorders, they get constantly irritated, argue more strongly with each other, become intolerant and may not be able to care for their children with all the affection and patience children deserve, weakening the bonds and the relationship between parents and children.

“If you sleep deprive an individual, basically nothing remains normal, whether mental or physical. Sleep is a basic need for function at every level. (…) Children with the poorest and shortest sleep were four times more likely to be obese, and their blood tests showed increased metabolic and cardiovascular risk factors.” (Source:

Take care of your family’s health … Sleeping well is essential! 
And I must say that by healthy sleep I don’t mean necessarily sleeping through the night, as this will depend on many factors, including age and development of the child. Healthy sleep is one that attends to your own individual sleep needs as well as your child’s individual sleep needs, which we will know by watching him/her and by promoting the optimal conditions for your baby/child to sleep.

If your family is facing sleep challenges, I can help you overcome them through a holistic approach, with age-and-development-respectful strategies, always focused on the emotional well-being of the family! Know more here.

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