“Dulce really turned the tides for me with the twins. I’d gotten so tired I was seeing Maternal Mental Health and felt powerless to gain control! She helped me spot patterns in the girls habits so I could start building a routine where they did things at the same time so I’d get some downtime to myself. With the girls under her watchful gaze I was able to have a big nap too so I woke up (to folded laundry and sleeping babies) feeling fresher and a little more sane. Thank you again Dulce, both as my Doula and through the postnatal support circle you have been so supportive. You’ve been a rock in a stormy sea and I can’t tell you enough how helpful it’s been.

(Georgie Manning, graphic designer, mother of twin girls)

“Before I met Dulce I didn’t know what a doula was, and I was sceptical about the value of one. She explained to me that her role, rather than being babycentric, focuses on taking care of the mom. Given that this was my pregnancy I couldn’t comprehend the value of this until baby arrived.

Ahead of the birth, Dulce invited us to a workshop on what to expect during the postnatal period, which covered a range of topics and a lot of practical advice for both moms and dads. She also visited us to help ensure that we and our home were as prepared as we could be for baby’s arrival.

In the weeks following our baby’s birth Dulce’s support was invaluable. Every time I saw her in had a load of questions and if she couldn’t answer them immediately, she promptly researched the topic and forwarded me the information. Honestly though, the greatest support I got from her was with breastfeeding; she checked baby’s latch, helped us correct and monitor it, and encouraged me to persist past the pain. She also showed my husband how to help me breastfeed.

Dulce didn’t only support me, she supported my husband, checking up on him regularly, and was only ever a text message away.
Not only is she kind, she is generous with her time and knowledge, organising monthly coffee meetups for moms during which pertinent topics are discussed, and most importantly, she really, really loves babies!

Thank you, Motherly Hug!”

(Luisa Ashworth, geologist, mother of one)


Dulce came to help me for 12 sessions during the first 3 months after the birth of my second child.  It was such a valuable help for me in so many ways, I’m incredibly grateful that I met her! I learnt a lot of amazing tips for helping babies sleep, some great natural remedies for babies and older children, some ideas on how to better look after myself, and most importantly felt very supported both emotionally and practically. I was really struggling with managing to look after two children on my own.  Dulce being with us for a few hours a week really helped manage that transition as she could take on some of the household chores, and even put my baby down for naps, enabling me to give my older child the one-on-one attention that she was so desperately needing. She was sensitive, warm, encouraging, proactive – everything you could wish for in a postnatal doula. I felt a strong sense of support and encouragement about the way I was already doing things, as well as gentle suggestions for how I might do things differently when I asked her advice.  Her total non-judgment of my choices as a mother was empowering and refreshing. Thank you Dulce, it was truly a gift to have you in our home during that challenging and wondrous time.”

(Madeline Stanley, community worker, mother of two)


“Even from our first session; I was greeted with such openness and warmth by Dulce. There was a level of care and understanding that made me feel so comfortable and confident within myself and gave me the strength to persist on my own.”

(Zoe Hadlum, events coordinator, mother of one)


“Dulce is one wise lady. She is part of that special kind that any of us mothers would be lucky to have as a support person at any moment of our pregnancy or postnatal period. This strong, intelligent and loving lady will naturally talk to you and support you with whatever you need during your postnatal experience.
Being a postpartum doula, Dulce gathers great expertise in both female and baby universes. I was impressed with her scientific knowledge about how babies sleep. Being sleep deprived, I met her in a time of great need and oh dear was she a huge helping hand with Tom’s sleep!”

(Clarissa Mattos, photographer, mother of one)


“I don’t usually like asking for help but I am so pleased that I got in touch with Dulce to help me in the postnatal period. I looked forward to when she would come around and after each visit I would feel calmer and more positive. Dulce was professional but also very empathetic and was able to read the situation well and respond to what I needed.”

(Sierra Ryland, lawyer, mother of one)


“My first postnatal period was awful. Really awful. I had no family support, my husband and I found it really stressful and it severely impacted my mental health and confidence as a Mum. The second time around I was determined to get the help that my family and I needed to adjust to life with a newborn as well as take care of our older child. When my husband went back to work, Dulce came to visit me twice a week and was soooo supportive, caring and confident in my ability to succeed at breastfeeding for the first time and establish a routine that helped my newborn daughter feel secure as well as help me get my confidence back, feel less overwhelmed and take care of myself. She listened to all of my concerns and helped me find solutions that worked for me. She looked after Baby K while I took time to do the simple things to care for myself and feel more human despite the sleep deprivation of the early days. Five months on today, I can honestly say that my level of comfort as a Mum and my well being is sky high. Dulce has helped me achieve a postnatal period happier and so fuss free, more than I ever thought possible. My sincere thanks to Dulce for being there for me and my family, it has been a lifesaver for us all! Please do consider getting the support that you as a new Mum deserve to have, to experience a really positive post natal experience, it has the power to change the trajectory that your new family will take in the all important early years. Thank you Dulce, we are so very very grateful. I hope you come to Baby K’s first birthday party! 💓💓💓”

(Emily White, mother of two)