“Preparing for postpartum: The 4th Trimester”

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You can hire me to do the workshop for you and your pregnant friends for NZ$ 250.00. This is a postpartum experience-changing workshop, worth every cent!

Postpartum period is an intense one, when lots of different things happen at the same time: body is recovering from all the changes from pregnancy and birth, and is going through new changes so that new mums breastfeed, some of the hormones are down low  while others are up high. The life of the new mother suddenly changes completely: they got a newborn totally dependent on them, they’re learning how to take care of him/her, they deal with sleep deprivation, they don’t have time to do what they did before (house chores, for example), among other challenges.

Thinking about this whole situation mums will face after their baby is born, I’ve prepared a 2-hour workshop entitled: “How to prepare for the postpartum period”, where I’ll be showing pregnant families what they can do while they’re pregnant that will help them have a smoother and more positive postpartum experience, in spite of the intensity that is typical from this period.

We’ll see:

  • what the postpartum period is and its characteristics
  • how to prepare the house
  • how to find your support network
  • how to deal with visitors
  • how to prepare for breastfeeding
  • professionals you may need and
  • the role of the partner.

Here is what people have said about the workshop:

“A pleasure to meet you last night Dulce! You did a great job sharing lots of thought provoking information. Thank you!” (Danielle Barret)

“Thanks for a very interesting workshop last night. I really enjoyed the topics you covered; many of them were practical things that we just don’t think of leading up to baby’s birth, especially aspects that aren’t necessarily physical. I also enjoyed the emphasis put on the importance of especially partners, but also having a good support structure (and the snacks!).” (Luisa Ashworth)

“I’ve been to how to prepare to the postnatal period workshop with Dulce, it was amazing, I love Dulce’s work, I left workshop feeling much more prepared and informed. I now have my 1 week old baby and I’m very glad I attended the workshop, as I knew what to expect and how to deal with this time. Dulce is very knowledgeable, passionate about what she does and great communicator, I’ll keep an eye on future events/workshops with her ” (Emanuelle Evans)

“The workshop was great! Thank you for helping me understand about the postnatal period, it was very enlightening. I still have my notes and sometimes I get them to check the tips. It was also important to my partner and I am sure he will be more empathetic, patient and participative in this period. I am thrilled that I attended the workshop and I highly recommend it.” (Vanessa Riso)

“Thanks for last night. It was really great!” (Justine Crayford)

“Thank you Dulce for a fantastic session. A lot of really helpful tips and recommendations that our family will be putting into practice. I highly recommend this workshop to all the pregnant Mummas out there, especially first time mums! if only I had had these insights from a postnatal doula the first time around…” (Emily White)

“Really great workshop! Thanks” (Isabella Butler)

Next workshop:

When: 23rd/June/2020, from 6pm to 8pm.

Where: Petone Depot

For: pregnant families, families with new newborns, support people

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